Masala Podcast – Episode 1 – Burlesque & Body
Masala Podcast

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This theme of this episode of Masala Podcast is The Body.

I talk to the amazing South Asian burlesque dancer (yes, they do exist!) Bolly Ditz Dolly about her experiences, discovering and loving her body through the art of burlesque. We talk about how South Asian girls are taught to associate shame with her body, when they’re very young. And how we carry that sense of shame around our bodies all through our lives. I also talk about my own experiences growing up in a traditional Indian family – with a sense of shame around my body. And only learning to love my own body as I grew much older.

Episode Guest: Bolly Ditz Dolly is a burlesque performer with plenty of stories to tell and a lot of clothes to take off. Twitter @bollyditzdolly, FB @bollyditdolly, Instagram @bollyditz.dolly

Producer: Hana Walker-Brown Multi-Award-Winning Documentary Maker + Composer Executive Producer at Amazon Audible

Music Credit: Sunny Robertson @sunnyrobertsonmusic

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