This theme of this episode of Masala Podcast is Periods.

On this episode I speak to Manjit K. Gill, CEO & Founder of the period charity Binti. Her mission is to create a huge, social impact whilst generating a sustainable organisation. As a British Indian, providing basic menstrual rights for women in India has become her obsessive, compulsive dedication to making a change.

Binti is a registered charity, with a mission to provide menstrual dignity to all girls, all over the world. This means facilitating access to pads to ensure menstrual hygiene, educating girls about what menstruation is and what they can expect from it, and dispelling stigma, taboos, myths and negative perceptions around menstruation. Binti is headquartered in the UK, and currently runs projects in India, Kenya, Swaziland and the U.S., as well as at home in the UK.

Manjit& I talk about the stigma attached to periods in South Asian culture. Not just in South Asian countries but here in the UK where some families don’t let girls go to the temple or attend weddings when they’re on their period.

I talk about the first time I got my period, and my traumatic memories around that time.

Masala Podcast is a show for South Asian women, where we talk about all those things that we’re NOT supposed to talk about in our culture. Sex, sexuality, periods, menopause, mental health, shame, sexual harassment and many more taboos.


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