Fighting Indian patriachy since age 3

Fighting indian patriachy since age 3


I was born a fighting feminist.

I grew up in a slum in Mumbai, in a very traditional Indian family. As a young girl, I had to fight for things most girls growing up in the West take for granted. My battles made me the woman I am today, enjoying the kind of freedom that would’ve been unthinkable for my mother or grandmother.

Like so many other South Asian women, I grew up surrounded by shame and taboo. Particularly, shame around my body, my sexual self, periods….the list was exhausting.

I started Soul Sutras® to tackle those taboos. Not just those around sex and sexuality but all those aspects of our lives touched by our sexual selves: coming of age, getting our periods, growing up, growing breasts, sexual harassment, mental health…and more.

Today, Soul Sutras ® is a platform for sex, sexuality and everything in between – exclusively for South Asian women. It started as a blog but has grown to include Masala Monologues®, Masala Podcast and (fingers crossed) a few other exciting new projects.

You see, we’re all fighting similar battles. We all feel alone but we’re really not. Once we start sharing our stories with each other, the sense of sisterhood and support we get from each other is…everything.

In the press

Press for Masala Monologues

"From an early age, we’re taught to guard our bodies. We’re told sex is for men..."

- Brown Girl Magazine

South Asian feminist podcast

"The podcast address issues British Asian women traditionally don't talk about..."

- The Evening Standard


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