She’s an easy lover…

Let’s play a little game. What do you call a man who’s had lots of lovers?

A bad boy. A ladies man. A Casanova. A Lothario.

What do you call a woman who’s done the same thing? An easy woman. A loose woman. A slut.

As a man, being sexually experienced makes you a charming little heart-breaker, someone to be looked at with a wicked smile. But as a woman, if you happen to like sex with lots of partners, you’re labeled ‘easy’. Like an Ikea table that’s easy to put together. Or a puzzle that anyone can figure out in seconds.

As women, we experience lots of double standards in the world: including when it comes to being sexual.

A man might boast about his sexual conquests to his work mates after a debauched weekend. But imagine a woman saying much the same thing either to her friends or (horror of horrors!) work colleagues on a Monday morning. She certainly would not get the same ‘you-rogue-you’ nudge & wink reaction. (I’ve kept my private life very private at work. The truth is, people do judge you based on your sexuality.)

It gets much worse in more traditional countries like India. A virgin bride is not just prized here, it’s on the list of essential requirements. A groom might be greatly offended to discover his bride wasn’t as pure as he expected. Obviously the same standards don’t apply to him.

In more appalling instances like prostitution (which exists & thrives in India whatever your moral code on that one), a virgin girl  fetches a lot more for her pimp than a more experienced one. What does that say about men in India? Go figure…

Personally, I’ve never understood why a man would want to sleep with someone who’s inexperienced, fumbling around in bed when you could be with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

But that’s just me…



Women have passionate sex in the Kamasutra. And so do men. 

In fact, it is said that a man’s sacred duty is to ensure his partner’s pleasure. (That’s from another ancient Indian erotic manual called The Ananga Ranga (Stage of Love) which is less well-known than the Kamasutra.)

The pages of the Kamasutra are filled with detailed descriptions of how women (and men) can achieve the ultimate sexual satisfaction. 

“By union with men

The lust, desire or passion

Of women is satisfied

And the pleasure derived

From the consciousness of it

Is called their satisfaction”

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